segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2009

TC from DC

"The next day was a travel day to Lisbon, Portugal. In a perfect world, you have a day between gigs if you have to fly, which we were. We knew we were the number one band in two countries, Greece, did that, and Portugal. We didn't know, however, that we have become so popular in Portugal that people have begun to recognize certain band members on the street. It was like that, we ate in a restaurant in Barrio Alto the first night, the staff played all of our CDs and made us sign them, not that we minded. After resting up before our show (that is, taking shots of absinthe and being up all night) we made our way to the venue. It was, in a word, magnificent. Four tiers of balcony surrounded an angled pit, a massive architectural sphere above with columns radiating from it, one of the most beautiful venues I have ever seen. This day was to be one of triumph, ending on a high note, in a country where we are number one. The video show for Lisbon was unimaginable, a colossal LED wall behind the band, with a smaller counterpart hanging in front of Eric and Rob, it looked as though the principal members of the band were part of the LED curtain. I urge you to check YouTube for footage from this show. This is the type of day the band likes, no hang-ups, great food, beautiful venue, ample stage, surging crowds and great performances. We ended on a high note, to be sure. Lisbon, thank you. Thank you for the best buds, thank you for the great city itself, but most of all, thank you Lisbon and all of Portugal for allowing Thievery Corporation to be at our best, in one of the best places in the world."

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O Coliseu é lindo!

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